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    The regeneration process involves restoration of parameters and features of damaged parts to a close-to-new condition – it is covered by  one- or two-year warranty (depending on the car type).

    We specialize in repairs of advanced adaptive shock absorbers:

    • shock absorbers with NIVO system in Mercedes and BMW cars
    • AirMatic shock absorbers in Mercedes cars
    • pneumatic shock absorbers (repairs of bellows)
    • shock absorbers with EDC system (power-controlled variable characteristics) in BMW cars
    • shock absorbers cooperating with an airbag in Lexus LS430, Audi A6 Allroad, Jaguar XJ XJ6 XJ8
    • shock absorbers with the IDS CDC+ system (variable electrically operated characteristics) in Opel Vectra C, Signum, Astra
    • shock absorbers with the IVDC system (variable electrically operated characteristics) in Ford Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy
    • shock absorbers with the FOUR-C system (variable electrically operated characteristics) in Volvo V70, S40, S80, XS70
    • shock absorbers with the system Magnetic Ride (shock absorbers with special magnetorheological fluid ensuring variable characteristics in a fraction of a second) in Audi TT, R8, etc.
    • central shock absorbers for motorbikes – all types, including non-dismantle types
    • threaded shock absorbers KW, Bilstein, K-sport, Ap, Koni, BC N+, Tein SS and all other brands.
    • and many more…


    Typical regeneration process is carried out as follows:

    • Cleaning
    • Disassembly into pieces
    • Verification of damage
    • Replacement of all worn components with new ones
    • Assembly
    • Tests in the diagnostics station
    • Painting


    The restored shock absorbers are shipped after repair by DPD courier.

    We encourage you to watch the regeneration process of a shock absorber in BMW 8 series: