WARRANTY – we offer one- or two-year warranty for our services – depending on the car type.
Warranty conditions:
1. Warranty covers liability for material and technological faults arising as a result of regeneration and which occur during the warranty period.
2. Immediately after the defect is revealed, the warranty holder is obliged to deliver at own cost the regenerated device to the registered office of the warranty provider, who shall perform warranty repair free of charge.
3. If defects covered by the warranty reappear after the first warranty repair, the warranty holder may decide not to accept another repair and request a refund of the full amount paid for regeneration.
4. Warranty repair does not extend the period of warranty for the regeneration device.
5. The warranty provider does not refund the cost of disassembly and assembly of devices from the machine (vehicle), shipping costs, etc.
6. Warranty does not cover damage caused without the fault of the workshop performing regeneration, such as:
– leaks caused by sand in the seals,
– leaks caused by corrosion of surfaces around the seals,
– damage caused by malfunction of other devices and supporting elements,
– damage caused by using power hydraulics devices without oil,
– normal wear and tear.
7. Warranty does not apply to products installed in places other than Car Mechanics workshop.
You have the right to return the products within 14 days of receipt. The products cannot have any traces of use and must be sent in the original packaging.
To make a return, please fill out the form and send the form via email.