Welcome to the website of a Polish company which has been specializing in regeneration of car parts since 1983. Since the beginning of our activity, two key values have characterised every process and field of the company’s activity – HONESTY and RELIABILITY of the provided services. That is why, today we can be proud of a stable team of professionals and a huge experience in regeneration processes.
The Nagengast company is a Polish enterprise operating on the European wide market, which has been specializing in regeneration of automotive parts for 37 years.

Main activities of the company:

  • regeneration of shock absorbers
  • regeneration of air springs (pneumatic shock absorbers)
  • regeneration of steering transmissions
  • manufacture of electric spring extractor
  • sales of new, specialized  parts for pneumatic and adaptive suspensions

Engineering is our passion, so we continuously expand our offer. The company is a patent proprietor and manufacturer of an electric spring extractor, which has been designed and constructed based on many years of experience in replacing of springs in shock absorbers.

We look forward to cooperating with partners from all over the world. We believe that our knowledge and experience can be used in many different areas of the motorisation, so we encourage you to contact us! We are ready for new challenges.